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Hire me and fix your life. Not because YOU can't, but because YOU can!


I provide affordable & flexible coaching to suit each individuals needs. It's tailored to you, to your own pace of understanding & learning criteria. No Pressure…Just Pleasure!



So Why Be Coached?


Coaching is for everybody and not just for people with problems but it will be especially good for people that cant seem to break into new areas of happiness etc. Its for any age group without discrimination and the results are clear to see.

By Being Coached I simply take people from a place of discontent, unhappiness, stress or pain, into a place of retreat, while we form a plan. This place of retreat is in your mind of safety and security which you may feel is locked. Here we make this plan together and come up with a clear map to direct you where it is you need and want to go.

I am committed to helping others who feel or know that their lives are not as happy or as fulfilled as they wish them to be. This is what I do for people, this is what I am good at, mainly because I have been there my self, I have been in your shoes, and I truly know your pain.

I know just how hard the struggles can be. I know how confusing troubles can be especially if you don’t have a plan or a way out, in mind.

Read my many testimonials about my success rate with real people who were at one point just like you and me. They too were reading this advert but decided to get in touch, yes they got in touch, they called me up, and after a short chat they hired me, now see for your self what they them selves have to say about my Coaching and the benefits of taking action are clear to see!

These people tell you in their own words how my Coaching has changed their lives 10 fold! They too were in situations that they thought they could either not get through or felt they could never change. But then they got in touch and their results are now here for you to read!

So now read some of my testimonials, that represent the views of my clients that I have Coached. I hope you will be inspired enough to at least call me for a chat, there is an 0800 number for you because I don’t want your mind to come up with any more excuses as to why you can not at least call me to discuss your future happiness, dreams and desires!




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  • Thanks Brian!
    Posted by : Lucia, Spain Castellon

    I have found your help very useful for me in those moments I was very confused and confound. I was living a situation in my life which made me suffering anxiety and anguish [...]

    and it was very important for me to take a decision quickly in order to that situation didn't affect to my professional life. You made me open my eyes, just saying the things clearly, just making me to understand the reality of the situation, and then it was much easier to take a decision. That was my decision, it doesn't matter if it was the correct or incorrect decision, but it was my decision, and that fact stopped the anxiety I was feeling in that moment. Now, I am carrying on my decision, so I'm not confused and I am able to receive all the positive energy that Universe can offer me. So, thanks to you Brian, I was able to manage the stress and a difficult situation with a very much greater ease and in a short period of time. Thanks Brian, again and again.

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  • Like a brother..
    Posted by : Mr. N. M. , Guernsey

    It's made me realize that I can do anything I want to do if I put my mind to it. Before I went, I had no self confidence in myself but I started to go to life coaching and with the help [...]

    of Brian I grew stronger each week in confidence. My Wife, Mum and even my work colleagues have noticed a difference in me. I feel I can hold more conversations with people and I don't feel left out any more. I know I have along way to go but I am getting stronger each week thanks to Brian he has been like a big brother to me and a friend.

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  • Powerful Experience..
    Posted by : Miss S. K. , Guernsey

    Brian is an outstanding coach. He has been friendly and focused throughout, he also motivates, inspires and excites you, which in turn has helped to focus me on the priorities in my life. [...]

    My experience has been very powerful and has made me stronger and more committed to issues in my life which needed resolving, and has increased my awareness of what really is important and what’s not. Brian has given me the right thought processes to enrich my life and overcome any barriers that may stand in my way. Having Brian coach me has been a wonderful thing as he has helped me to achieve so much in such a short amount of time. I am now able to use what I have learnt through life coaching in my everyday life. Thank you Brian, and for any one reading this I would recommend him to all.

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  • Easy to talk to
    Posted by : Jackie C, Guernsey

    Excellent site Brian, just looking through it makes you feel more positive. You are incredibly easy to talk to, and very wise, no wonder you have received so many positive comments. [...]

    For anyone who is hesitant about talking to Brian, don't be, he will instantly put you at ease, and make you feel better. Give him a bit more of your time and I have no doubt that he will give you the strength to turn your life around for the better. Keep up the good work Brian.

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  • Skeptical at first..
    Posted by : Josie, Guernsey

    Life coaching, I must say I was skeptical on my first visit as I was the queen of black and white. However, I never thought someone would explain my emotions to me in a logic way but you did! [...]

    Life coaching has changed my life and has provided me with the spiritual enrichment my life had been missing out on. As I continue to grow on my life coaching journey, how I view the world and my place in it grows along with it. I have found Brian trusting and confident in his abilities to coach and have not only met a fantastic life coach but someone that I would call a friend as a friend cares what happens to you. I was amazed at how quickly you managed to suss me out and get on my page it really helped me to progress speedily. I would recommend Brian and life coaching to anyone, trust in the process and you will be amazed by the results.

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  • Very happy now!
    Posted by : Nora

    Approximately a month ago I found myself in a very difficult situation. My relationship of more than 2 years was running into a crash. I took a decision to break up with my boyfriend and I moved to my friend´s house. [...]

    There I was having time to think and evaluate all the pluses and minuses of my relationship. And then Brian appeared in my life. He was recommended by one of my best friends. At the beginning it was somehow strange to speak with him. We had an appointment in Skype. At first I felt ashamed speaking with Brian about my problem, but when we started the conversation in a few seconds I felt like I know Brian for very long time. It was so easy to talk to him!!! He was the one who was guiding the conversation. He knows how to do it. During our 2 hour conversation we spoke about everything, and also about my problem. He explained me the ROOLES OF THE LIFE. Why we suffer, why we have problems, why we need to be hurt and why my relationship was broken. Actually the answer about my relationship I found out myself. The answer was in me, but I needed Brian to guide me to the answer. It was an incredible experience and I can tell you that after this meeting with Brian I had many things clear and my relationship got fixed. I am very happy now! Thanks Brian!!





Relationships teach us more about ourselves than they do about the other party. Its about how we interact with each relationship and what we can learn from each one. If you wish to improve ten fold in this area then you first need to know yourself and what it is that you need more of, or less of in your own life.


We all need guidance in this area. To understand why we have debt is more important than the debt itself. Debt does not arrive on its own. It comes into our lives for many reasons and each reason will be different for each individual. The key to unlocking these reasons will be deep inside of you and unless the core is explored and dealt with your debts will follow you forever.


This area is vast, it has the potential to make or break your life so that’s why you need to keep it in perspective and under control at all times. If you are not looking forward to each day at your work place then you have issues that need addressing before you use your resilience to work against your better judgment and to hide away the real issues.


This is a word that is greatly misunderstood and mistaken for what it very often a void in a persons life. In essence depression is just another word for great unhappiness in a persons life. I would much prefer to coach you on any areas of your life that you feel unhappy with, before you experience any type of drugs for such depression.


Understanding the five stages of bereavement are essential to coping with any loss of a loved one. Our automatic filters will kick into place to decide what we allow into our healing process or keep out. Often we need to revisit some of our beliefs to determine if they are serving us as they should.


This is simply a state we find ourselves in when our options are either limited or we have to many options to choose from. Either way, fear steps in because we are fearful of making the wrong choice. We simply go over and over the same ground with out finding an answer or suitable option. Coaching helps define and gives clarity.


In my opinion its better to have some beliefs about where we came from and where we are going after life than to have none at all. Beliefs’ act as a valuable support system for us to call upon as and when we need it. But do you fully understand your own beliefs and why you have them? Are they congruent with who you are? Are you in need of a revaluation of your current beliefs if so get in touch.


Are you going through divorce at the moment or are you about to do so? I am able to coach you through the initial decision to proceed or not. maybe it can be avoided, but if not then you will need support and help in this area as you will be torn through many emotions most of which you will least expect.


This title might suggest that its aimed just at students or pupils which it is, but the fact is its for all the people that school life touches, such as: Teachers, Parents, Family life, Friends, Grand Parents, and ultimately the future employers that will one day hire them. Ground work can be done in areas here that the normal curriculum never even touch upon because we are all expected just to know this stuff, but we don’t!

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I am passionate about life, I am a coach; which makes me a Passionate Life Coach, I can help you get to the destination you desire. I, as a Coach, will enable your dreams to become reality!